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Do you need a freelance content writer and digital marketer professionally trained and certified in the fitness industry?


I am your gal!

Bio Gwenn Jones Wellness Content Writer, California
Gwenn Jones, CPT, CYT

Consistent and reliable, I’ll deliver your vision from start to finish on deadline. I settle only for quality. Precise SEO content writing is well applied with 11 years in website design. Wellness is my specialty, though I write in other territories. I pack a power punch for all I meet on the web and the mat.

It started here...

Yoga tree pose at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA Gwenn Jones, freelance wellness fitness blog and content writer and ACE-certified personal trainer, California
Ocean Beach, San Francisco
From fitness - to Corporate - to written words

As a former San Franciscan, an active family life was constant in this multicultural city. Drenched in dance until my mid-20s, I was determined to stay on the path of good health and introduce others. My pursuits led to impassioned study in exercise science, anatomy, and physical fitness.

During courses, I worked nights teaching group fitness classes on the SF Peninsula. After two years, I achieved my first ACE* certifications: Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.

My clientele expanded. To market myself, I created and distributed a wellness newsletter called the FitGram. Soon, the city’s municipal offices and Parks & Recreation Center requisitioned quarterly distributions. The FitGram became the perfect trajectory for the city’s program promotion, my work, wellness education, and my first paid writing gig.

Then, two generous calls came in. A San Francisco-based global leasing corporation and San Francisco State University requesting I train their staff. I was honored to associate with these venues. 

Fitgram wellness newsletter image
Opportunity - upheaval - then splendor

As both corporate contracts ended (one lasting three years), I landed a second fitness gig; manager of an online store for fitness accessories. Writing product descriptions and learning website design was time well spent. SEO and coding became power tools for my portfolio. The store flourished, generating a sizable income alongside fitness training duties.

Then, the shake-up. By 2004, my city-by-the-bay priced me out of my income. I relocated to the Sacramento region where a mid-sized health club quickly hired me. The time was ripe. The job was fun, loud, dynamic, and friendly. 

Four years later, a fresh path leaped out right in front of me. Uncalled for—unthought of.

After lunching with a gal pal we noticed an abandoned retail spot adjacent to the café. It was a sign of significance. I felt my stare, my spirit, and my substance fill my body. I almost couldn’t breathe as I approached. This dirty, downtrodden building with holes in its sad walls screamed out to sparkle. Dusty from peering in the windows, I headed straight for the landlord’s office. Success! The building was mine. Renovations began.

In 2008, I founded my yoga studio and never turned back. It thrives today. Three more dedicated certifications were achieved as Mind-Body Specialist, YogaFit instructor, and Functional Training Specialist. Writing wellness content continued with my FitGrams.

By supporting others through their wellness journey, I am in perennial bloom.

Graphic of digital marketing content and web copywriting services offered by Gwenn Jones
Now, big writing to grow small businesses

Website design and site audits continued as clientele built. Fitness training, wellness writing, and blogging might appear scattered. On the contrary, these footpaths meet at a bridge of fruition—a bridge built on my expertise, hard work, and credibility which results in satisfied clients.

To stay polished, I frequent writing and marketing courses from prestigious writing institutes. With the revelation of artificial intelligence in content writing today, higher education is vital for precise AI prompting. However, sourcing talent for honorable, quality organic content is of equal value.

I favor business blogs, email news, and most digital marketing. Through these powerful tools, my intention is threefold:

  • to reduce small business expenditures on paid ads (that beget far too little)
  • to build strong business relationships
  • to retain company clientele, build thought leadership, and strengthen client trust

Speaking of email marketing, the FitGram thrives today! 

The passion never ends.

Perhaps I can help you. 

Wellness education advances.

The internet evolves.

But it’s the writing that breaks the news!

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Every day wellness writers and credentialed fitness trainers advance the power of health. It’s in our blood. We organize, present, and clarify vigorous education in Lifestyle, in Practice, and in Meaningful Words with explosive enthusiasm. Coaching a physical fitness practice results in brighter minds and greater body function for all. With gratitude, lives are bettered.

  • Wellness Content Writer
  • Email Copy / Corporate Newsletters
  • Informational Health & Wellness Articles
  • WordPress Website Designer & Blogger 
  • Certified Personal Trainer (20 years)
  • Yoga Studio Founder / Owner

Client testimonials

What people say...

Client testimonials

What people say...


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Gwenn Jones LinkedIn member, health wellness content writer
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Personal Trainer
American Council on Exercise (ACE)
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International Health & Fitness Association (IDEA)
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YogaFit Worldwide
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Functional Training Specialist (ACE)
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National Commission for Certifying Agencies
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US Registry of Exercise Professionals
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Mind-Body Specialist (ACE)
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Board of Barbering & Cosmetology (California)

Expertise & Associations

Industry Experience

  • Health | Wellness | Yoga
  • Personal Training
  • Senior & Assisted Living
  • Cosmetology | Skin Care
  • Winemaking
  • Women’s Fitness
  • Private Investigations
  • Maritime Container Leasing
  • Apparel (retail)
  • Community Television Production
  • Property Management
  • Mental Wellness
  • Website Edit & Design
  • E-commerce
  • Dentistry
  • Corporate Gym

Side Order

San Francisco born, raised in the SF Peninsula, I relocated to the Sacramento region in 2004 where I teach fitness and yoga at the studio I founded. I blog on feasting on the world of wellness.

My escapes are the ocean, swimming, kayaking (novice), Netflix binging, cooking, group-sushi, and anything dogs! 

There’s more, but space is scarce.

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