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Trouble putting pen to paper?

No time for Content production?

Spending too much on paid ads?


Let’s work together to broadcast your business for boundless exposure.

Business blogging is your pathway to authority, leads, reader trust, connections, and tons of CTAs.

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Proven essentials for informational company blogs in 2023

Those landing on an informational business blog are looking for:

  • Advice or tips for answers to questions
  • News on industry trends
  • Knowledge and tips about products or services  

While providing these key points in your company blog, it is important to establish reader/client rapport. Adding empathy with some writing flair humanizes your brand.

Furthermore, the always necessary beast — a clear CTA.

The longer your company blogs, and the more you blog:

  • The greater authority you muster
  • The more authority, the higher the chance a trusted customer chooses you for their next purchase

That’s the sweet ticket. 

The truth is that your business needs an up-to-date, informative blog that demonstrates your industry knowledge and keeps prospective customers coming to your website. []

Full article from on Why Your Business Needs A Blog” →

Are you on social media? Don’t miss out.

Your informative company blog encourages “shares” with followers and other businesses on social media. If you choose just one platform, relevant to your target audience, you’ll find it to be a lucrative marketing tool.

This builds Exposure. Contact me for business blog tips.

Corporate blogs are a must, not a choice. Here's why:

Each week when new content arrives on your corporate blog: 

Google recognizes another page to index (and other SEs too)

It’s likely your website is not updated every week or even every month, correct? Why? “Because it’s fine the way it is,” you say?

But guess what? It can be updated frequently, and stress-free with this writer.

  • New blog content IS a site update.

This is what search engines crave — well-written, well-formatted, new organic content. Yes, search engines see and reward new activity. They see life. Every new blog addition is a fresh, new snack for Google to munch on.

What is this? Exposure.

Each time new content drops to your blog:

  • More content is more power compounding your SEO
  • Link building is fortified
  • Your backlinks (inbound marketing) strategy is strengthened
  • Fresh, useful content is available for push to your social media platform(s)
  • And your social media posts push readers to your blog
  • Vast opportunity unfolds for new CTAs in your E-news
What is all this? More Exposure.
Business blog creative, organic writer and wellness professional
Business blog articles stay long term in search engines

Your Long-Term Business Blogging Benefits:

  • Less costly than paid ads (which go away)

  • Blog articles do Not go away

  • Business blogs drive traffic to your website

  • Your business blog provides value

  • Older posts stay active in search engines which searchers still click (see image)

  • Repurpose articles into social media snippets; this is inbound marketing

  • Cross linking; Google values correlative anchor text 

You can check out my wellness blog writing examples here.  ← This is anchor text.

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