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Finding a reliable freelance writer with reasonable writer fees is a challenge for a small business.


I’ll fix that.

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Your search can be time-consuming. I will save you that time and be an asset to your business. You’ll discover I have a strong work ethic and am disciplined and organized. Well-researched, quality content is my focus. No shortcuts. I look forward to our potential relationship. 

Freelance Writer Fees & FAQs

What is the difference between a copywriter and a content writer?

copywriter creates ad copy, sales letters, web or print copy, or landing pages intended to influence or persuade your audience to make a purchase or subscribe to a service. In other words, convert. This marketing method is more short-term. Copywriting is selling. 

content writer typically creates material to inform and educate your audience to raise your brand awareness, build loyalty, establish credibility, and relay your company’s value and benefits. Content writing can be company blogs, articles, website copy, white papers, videos, and more, which can definitely be promotional. Content writing is normally geared toward long-term intentions. 

The objectives differ, but it’s all marketing.

What is the initial process before I’m hired?

If a mutually productive introduction, we’ll arrange a 20-30 minute discovery call to identify:

  • Your requested topic and project deadline
  • Where and to whom your content is targeted
  • Our evaluation if you and I are a good working fit
  • Your users’ special interests (age, gender, hobbies, demographics)
  • What your first priority is (client loyalty, helpful articles, leads, newsletter readership, brand exposure)

When can I start your assignment?

Within 2-3 weeks is average unless I’m on a current project deadline. I will communicate my current workload status.

What type of work can I provide you?

  • Blog articles
  • Informative wellness
  • Website content audits
  • Web content / Web copy
  • Articles: Long- or Short-form
  • Ghostwriting emails or articles
  • Landing Pages / Lead Magnets
  • Email-Newsletters (informational or promotional E-Blasts)

What about confidential projects?

In contracting with CFOs and CEOs for 15 years, confidential work is paramount. This has included corporate acquisitions and their long-term preparation. Ghostwriting falls into the realm of confidentiality. Your projects and information remain strictly confidential.

Is Ghostwriting on the menu?

Yes, much of my writing over the years has been ghostwriting. Though well-paying, I balance GW jobs with byline projects. Fees are 20% higher for ghostwritten material.

What type of businesses have I worked with?

Over the years, most of my (ghostwriting) clients have been corporations in these industries:

  • Dentistry
  • Real Estate
  • Winemaking
  • Women’s Fitness
  • Health & Wellness
  • Private Investigations
  • Senior & Assisted Living
  • Corporate Fitness & Gym
  • Community TV Production
  • Maritime Container Leasing
  • E-commerce & Product Descriptions
  • Website Design (primarily WordPress) 

How are payments handled? 

  • As standard with most freelance writers, work begins with a 50% upfront payment. The remainder is due when I submit your completed work.
  • Monthly retainers (paid upfront) are possible if you wish regularly scheduled tasks.

What are payment methods and rates?

Options are PayPal, credit card (via PayPal), ACH electronic transfer, Venmo. 

Usually, a fee is project-based. If you request a ballpark word count, this helps me determine the fee range.

Project fees include:

  • Research time
  • Google docs for transparent edits
  • One or two rounds of edits/revisions (per agreement)

Are rates hourly?

Per hour? Possibly if set up prior to job start. FYI, hourly rates are acceptable but not always cost-efficient for the client if a lot of research is required. Keeping costs manageable is my priority. 

Per word? If desired, yes. 

Normally, fees are project-based. (Please see above “methods and rates.”) 

Where do freelance rates start?

The most common project criteria is: Time spent, Research, Scope and Complexity

  • Blog articles/posts start at $360(for 600-900 words)
  • Blog articles/posts start at $550 (for 900-1500 words)
  • Landing pages start at $550 (static)
  • Website content audits vary on site time, size and scope
  • Email Newsletters vary and are based on time, complexity, and scope per project

Are tests free?

No. Free tests are primarily for junior artisans, not veterans.

What is the criteria to start our project?

  • A project brief supplied by you, as detailed as possible so I can proactively meet your needs
  • We will agree on a project timeline
  • Deposit of 50% of job fee. 

Please let me know if I can answer more questions

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