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Don’t be self-conscious. It’s a smart and serious business practice.

An independent premium ghostwriter can ease your stress and is almost effortless.

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Possibilities are endless!

What does a ghostwriter do? Ghostwriters are hired to write articles, web copy, and more. Content is written by the professional which other websites or authors credit as their own work. Professional ghostwriters have skills to write in various styles and personalities for clients. 

What is a ghostwriter?

In digital communications, a ghostwriter is paid to write or contribute content for someone else. Jobs vary from newsletters, emails, storytelling, E-books, social media, magazine articles, website copy, speeches, books, or memoirs. 

So, I take your idea or concept, capture your voice and get cracking and weaving words.

I simplify your responsibility. I prepare quality content, structure it, and articulate it for a pretty package that flows.

Writing is credited under your name or I can be your collaborator, (your option).

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What are my specialties (as a ghostwriter)?

Over the past 10 years, I’ve written mostly business emails, website copy, E-newsletters, and blog articles. Many of my corporate jobs have been email editing (confidential). 

Dedicated and collaborative relationships have graced me with long-term clients in diverse industries.

However, I specialize in wellness as a premium ghostwriter both as an article writer and an ACE-certified fitness and wellness professional for 20 years. 

Details, details, details. Want to chat further?

I am not an agency. I'm a proud solo small business.
I write, you win.

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Stop struggling. Let’s build you up together. 

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