I generate pivotal website content and site audits that captivate viewers, amplify sales, and raise rankings.

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Email marketing is definitely artisan work and powerfully effective. Highly cost-effective with a terrific ROI, it’s the wave to ride in 2024. Choosing the right email platform for you, and working with a digital marketing professional has never been easier.

I deliver performance emails
THAT PEOPLE READ! My open rate is 43-60%.


It’s a blend of user experience, great content, search relativity, relative linking… and more, more, more

in other words, best practices in SEO writing is the necessary POLISH every good website needs to shine.
Don’t miss out. 

Website optimization is not embellishment. It’s proficiency and refinement which improves your site’s user experience, supports content marketing, and boosts your brand’s visibility in Google. 

Let’s work together for savvy SEO payoff to your website

Good web SEO therapy I’ll provide you is:

    • Fine-tuned website performance (speed)
    • Search engine-driven technique + format
    • Content readability (clarity + search relativity)
    • Clean, simplistic design (no clutter)
    • Screen responsiveness (mobile first)
    • Measurable internal linking (this matters!)
    • Ease in UX (user experience) 
    • Compelling, creative, and relative web copy
    • Empathy in content presentation

Sensible website SEO is a must to compete in today’s market and a feature you should care about. Your site SEO steers your site to the high ground. 

There is more to search engine optimization. Simply put, the above are the leaders — and they WILL NEVER CHANGE.  

 Effective SEO writing, with specific phraseology requires skill and patience.

Fortunately, I fancy it.

Effective SEO advances your website to deserved ranking.

You won’t rank well without it.

I provide you sturdy, stable labor

I might just be your secret weapon!

Fitgram wellness newsletter

As both corporate contracts ended (one lasting three years), I created a second fitness gig; an online store for fitness accessories. Writing product descriptions, SEO web content, and coding became power tools for my portfolio. The store flourished, generating a sizable income alongside fitness training duties.

Then, the shake-up. By 2004, my city-by-the-bay priced me out of my income. I relocated to the Sacramento region where a mid-sized health club hired me on the spot. It was fun, loud, dynamic, and friendly. After four years, a fresh path leaped out right in front of me. Uncalled for—unthought of.

After lunching with a gal pal we noticed an abandoned retail spot adjacent to the café. It was a sign of significance. I felt my stare, my spirit, and my substance fill my body. I almost couldn’t breathe as I approached. This dirty, downtrodden building with holes in four sad walls screamed out to sparkle. Dusty from peering in the windows, I headed straight for the landlord’s office. Success! The building was mine. Renovations began.

In 2008, I founded my yoga studio and never turned back. It thrives today. Three more dedicated certifications were achieved as Mind-Body Specialist, YogaFit instructor, and Functional Training Specialist.

By supporting others through their wellness journey, I am in perennial bloom.


But it’s the writing that breaks the news!

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